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These offshore structures are built without the use of nails. Instead, rattan is used to bind tree trunks and wooden planks together. They are held up by stilts - wooden piles that are driven into the sea bed to hold the structure steady in place. While most kelongs are found in shallow water, some can be found further away from the coast.

Kelongs used for fishing typically have various "compartments" in the water, designed to trap fish. Fish are guided into these areas by the ocean current, and they end up getting stuck. There, fishermen hang nets partially into the water to trap the fish until they are ready to be harvested.

Today, only a handful of kelongs remain due to rapid urbanization. Here with us, kids can learn more on marine life, feed fish, fish onboard a platform, all in their very own Kids Kelong.

What are Kelongs?

Kelongs were a big part of Singapore decades ago. Being a small fishing village, fishermen built these structures on stilts primarily for fishing purposes.